Welcome to North East Organic Growers

North East Organic Growers  - growing organic veg and supplying it via a box-scheme to customers throughout the North-East of England.

We're a worker's co-operative based in the village of Bomarsund, near Bedlington, twelve miles north of Newcastle upon Tyne.Existing since 1995, we grow organic vegetables on our ten acre site, and run a "box scheme", which is a cost-effective way of buying certified organic seasonal vegetables and fruit on a regular basis. All produce is certified organic and guaranteed to be free of added pesticides, herbicides and GMOs, grown using ecologically sound and sustainable methods so members will be supporting a healthier environment as well as their own health.

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Summer activity - volunteers welcome!

Its the start of June, and its all systems go. We're busy planting in the tunnels and fileds - leeks, spinach, chard, cabbage, broccoli, sprouts, peppers, aubergines, parsley, spring onion, lettuce etc etc. Soon will come courgettes and  pumpkins. and of course soon after planting comes the weeding! At least the weather seems to be holding out. If anyone reading would like to come to the farm as a volunteer worker, do get in touch, we'd love to see you.