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We're a worker's co-operative based in the village of Bomarsund, near Bedlington, twelve miles north of Newcastle upon Tyne. Existing since 1995, we grow organic vegetables on our twelve acre site, and run a "box scheme", which is a cost-effective way of buying organically-certified seasonal vegetables and fruit on a regular basis. Our box scheme supplies customers throughout the North-East of England.

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In 1995 eight enthusiastic gardeners from the North East of England set up an organic market garden at the newly opened Earth Balance site near Bedlington, Northumberland. There are very few farms in this area that grow vegetables as the soil and climate make it a difficult to cultivate the land. However, our founders were determined to provide fresh local produce, so they had to work hard to transform the original grassland into a fertile soil suitable for growing great vegetables.

Over the years we have built five large polytunnels and with these and our twelve acres of land we grow over 50 different types of vegetable – some of which you will never find in a supermarket – so you will always be trying something different from week to week. We use a five year rotation including two years of grass to allow the soil to rest before the cycle restarts with brassicas, onions and then potatoes.

Today we are still eight (but a different eight) people and we now operate the North East’s largest local organic veg Box Scheme. Our land is better than ever and the skills we have learned over the years mean that we grow a great selection of fresh veg that you can trust to be completely organic. In 2009 we planted over 50 fruit trees and have since acquired a small orchard nearby, so Northumbrian apples are now a feature of the fruit bags.

Why choose NEOG?

Unlike some box-schemes, we do more than simply buy and sell veg. When you buy from us you are buying from local growers committed to organic principles, and continually certified by the Soil Association since 1995. We grow a sizeable proportion of our veg ourselves, only buying in (as locally as possible) when we have to. In the peak season virtually all your veg will have been grown by us and often picked 24 hours or less before delivery. We only sell in the North-East and have no desire to expand beyond the region. We have over 20 years of experience running a box-scheme and like to think it shows.

All produce is certified organic and guaranteed to be free of added pesticides, herbicides and GMOs, grown using ecologically sound and sustainable methods, so you will be supporting a better environment as well as your own health. All produce not grown by us is sourced as locally as possible, from other certified organic growers and wholesalers.

We are a workers' co-operative so there are no absent shareholders in the business – we are the owners and have every incentive to the best we can.

We have a flexible ordering system and our customer service is friendly and efficient. If you have an allergy to a certain vegetable, or you simply don't like it, if you let us know when setting up your order then we can substitute with something else.

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