North-East Organic Growers

Extra Items

We offer a range of produce which you can add to your regular veg and fruit bag order. Please contact us to add extra items to your order.

Please read our box scheme infomation page for full details about how our scheme works.

Please note:

  • These products are currently available to customers of NEOG
  • Conversion: 0.45kg = 1 lb
  • Customers wishing to buy a whole box/sack will receive a 20% discount on the price given below.


Apples UK £3.10 /kg
Bananas (Fairtrade) Dominican Republic £2.30 /kg
Grapefruit (Red) South Africa £2.50 /kg
Kiwi Italy £3.40 /kg
Oranges Spain £2.50 /kg
Seville oranges Spain £2.50 /kg
Blood oranges Spain £2.75 /kg
Lemons Spain £2.50 /kg


Potatoes North Yorkshire £1.30 /kg
Carrots UK £1.80 /kg
Onions (White) UK £1.80 /kg
Mushrooms UK £6.50 /kg

Other products

Organic Eggs (Half Dozen Large) UK £2.20
Organic Apple Juice (1 Litre) UK £3.00
Honey (340g jar) - Non-Organic from Northumberland/Borders UK £4.30
Wheat Organic Sourdough Loaf - 800g UK £2.90
French country Organic Sourdough Loaf - 800g UK £2.90
Malthouse Organic Sourdough Loaf - 800g UK £2.90
Spelt Organic Sourdough Loaf - 800g UK £2.90