North-East Organic Growers

Veg & fruit bags

Our certified organic vegetable bags contain a selection of seasonal vegetables, usually containing potatoes, carrots and onions ( though we may remove the carrots and onions in the summer when our fields and tunnels are bursting with other things! ). There are more salad items in the summer, more roots and brassicas in the winter. We also supply fruit bags and a range of extra items to add to your order. We deliver to collection points throughout the North-East.

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The following list gives information on the veg and fruit you may find in your bags this week commencing Wednesday 7th March 2018 . This page is updated every Wednesday morning. (most of the time)


Small Vegetable Bag £7.25

Potatoes - Marfona North Yorks
 Carrots North Yorks
 Onions Lancs
 Cabbage Lancs
Lettuce Lancs
parsnip North Yorks
garlic Spain

Medium Vegetable Bag £9.25

Potatoes - Marfona North Yorks
Carrots North Yorks
Onions Lancs
Parsnip North Yorks
cabbage Lancs
komatsuna Grown by us
lettuce Lancs

Large Vegetable Bag £12.50

Potatoes -  Marfona/Desiree North Yorks
Carrots North Yorks
Onions Lancs
celeriac Grown by us
Parsnip North Yorks
courgette Spain


salad bag Grown by us
broccoli Spain
celery Spain

Basic Vegetable Bag £9.25

Potato - Marfona/Desiree North Yorks
Carrots North Yorks
Onions  Lancs
Broccoli spain

Standard fruit bag £7.25

Apples - Mix UK
Bananas Dominican Republic
Oranges Spain
Kiwi Italy
Lemon Spain

Large Fruit Bag £12.50

Apples (Mix)  UK
Banana Dominican Republic
Oranges - blood Italy
Mango Peru
Avocado Spain
Kiwi Italy
Mandarin Spain

Please read our box scheme infomation page for full details about how our scheme works.

Please note:

  • Due to the vagaries of weather, harvest, deliveries, etc, not every bag each week has exactly the same selection in it, though they will contain the full value.
  • All produce is class 1 except where noted otherwise.
  • Please remember that this list is for information only. We don't tailor the bags to individual tastes week to week so your bag may be slightly different to this.
  • We can make modifications to accommodate allergies and dietary needs; please contact the office if this applies to you.