North-East Organic Growers

ATTENTION: Due to an unprecedented rise in demand we have decided to temporarily suspend new customer registrations.

It is important for us to provide good service to all of our existing customers, and unfortunately we only have so many box packers, drivers and vans! We plan to reopen registrations once these logistical issues are resolved.

Please like our Facebook page to receive the latest updates from North East Organic Growers, including news of when we reopen new customer registrations.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Collection points

As a member of the scheme you would collect your order, generally on a Wednesday or Thursday, either direct from Earth Balance (Bedlington) or from one of our growing network of link people local to where you live or work.

If we don't have a drop near you you might want to become a link - we'd drop off vegbags at your house or workplace and people would collect from you. 
Get in touch if you're interested and we'll tell you more